Enjoy the weather in Benalmadena whenever you come

The weather in Benalmadena is fantastic at any time of the year. So if you would like to visit Benalmadena, don’t worry about the weather because probably it will be great. 

Why the weather in Benalmadena is so wonderful?

The weather in Benalmádena is a one of its attractions. It is mild temperatures both in winter and in summer. So winters are not too cold and summers are not too hot. In addition, there are usually more than 300 sunny days a year. That’s why it’s called Costa del Sol.

How is Benalmádena in winter?

For this reason, you can have fun outdoor almost everyday. And you can also enjoy the beach in winter. 

It is the colder season, but the temperatures don’t fall below 6º. Rains are not very frequent at this time of the year.

However there are also festivity’s to have a good time, such as:

Do you want to live spring in Benalmadena?

The temperatures rise in spring, as well as the rains are also more frequent. This wonderful weather invites to go out and to enjoy the sunshine. 

In spring the field becomes green and there are flowers everywhere. The traditional festivities in this season are:

  • Easter
  • Corpus

You can have lots of fun in Benalmadena in summer!

weather in Benalmadena

Benalmádena is a touristic town. And the most of its visitors comes to Benalmadena in summer. It is not too hot because the temperatures don’t rise more than 35º.

You can take a refreshing bath at the clear water of its beaches. And the most important and traditional festivities are in summer:

  • San Juan
  • Veladilla del Carmen
  • Virgen de la Cruz

Spend a warm fall in Benalmadena

The weather in Benalmadena is also wonderful in autumn, because it is like a spring. The temperatures are mild. So it is like the spring, but there are more rains. It is the wettest season, although there are also many sunny days. 

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When you don’t have your car, you need a vehicle to discover Benalmadena and the rest of the Costa del Sol on your next vacation. You have 2 choice:

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In conclusion, you can enjoy the weather in Benalmadena whenever you come. So plan your trip to Benalmadena with the car hire of Bahia Sexi. 


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