Bahia Sexi suggests the combination of the car hire Apartments Nuriasol with the great accommodation Touristic Apartments Nuriasol. Read this post and you will know every detail.

Why Should You book with us?

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All about the tourist Apartments Nuriasol..

Fuengirola is very well connected. Malaga Airport is only 30 km away. As well as the commuter train and the bus station are also close.

Its location is privileged because it is in Fuengirola centre and at the same time the beach is very close to the Touristic Apartments Nuriasol. Only 400 meters separate the accommodation from the lively promenade. The closest beach is Los Boliches beach, which every year wins the Blue Flags awards.

The apartments have all that you need on holidays. They are large and bright, in addition most of them have terraces with wonderful sea views. You can choose the apartments with 1 bedroom or with 2 bedrooms. The kitchen is well equipped. There is also an air conditioner and free Wifi.

Don´t waste your time looking for a parking space because your car hire Apartment Nuriasol will be safe in the private parking.


Let’s know Fuengirola charms..

Fuengirola is a lively town, which many people choose as its holiday destination. The main reasons are the weather and the beaches. It has the best weather in Europe because of its mild temperatures.In addition it has 8 km of beaches, which every year win the Blue Flag award. Because its water and sand are very clean.

It has many attractions such as the Sohail Castle or the zoo Biopark.

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How to explore the region freely? 

There are many attractions, which are worth visiting. Some of them are in the nearby towns or even a little further. So if you don’t have your own vehicle, it can be a little difficult.

Fuengirola is very well connected, but you must learn the options of public transport and its schedules. In this way you will save some money, but you will also waste your time waiting for them.

The other option is to take a car rental, which is a more comfortable way to explore the area. Bahia Sexi recommends its car hire Apartments Nuriasol.


Where are the pick up points of the car hire?

Bahia Sexi wants to simplify the delivery of its car rental. So there are 3 possible pick up points and you can choose what you want.

  1. The “Meet & Greet” services at Malaga Airport. Our staff will welcome you at the arrival hall, where you can sing the contract. So your car hire  will be ready as soon as you arrive.
  2. The delivery service at Touristic Apartments Nuriasol. If you don’t need the car rental to go to your accommodation or if you need less days. In these cases, it can be a good option. At the hotel lobby you can meet our staff, who deliver you the car hire. The return is as simple as the delivery. You have to park the car rental close to the Apartments Nuriasol and then give the key to the reception.
  3. The delivery service in the Bahia Sexi office. If you are the kind of person who prefers to do it face to face, this is the best option for you.

On our website there is more information about us.

In conclusion, don´t look for other holiday destinations, because Fuengirola has all you want. You have also found the Touristic Apartments Nuriasol, which is a good accommodation where you can rest. Book the car hire Apartments Nuriasol with Bahia Sexi and move freely along the Costa del Sol.