Bahia Sexi suggests you visit Malaga in your next holiday with the car hire Hotel NH Malaga. In this post you will know more about the Hotel NH Malaga and how to seize your time in this city.


Why Should You book with us?

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All about Hotel NH Malaga

This 4 star hotel is located in the heart of Malaga´s centre. It is close to the river as well as to all the touristic attractions. A few minutes on foot you can go to the beach, to the port, to museums, etc.

The hotel NH Malaga is a modern and elegant hotel, which was recently renovated in 2018. Come to rest in the large and elegant rooms, which also are very bright because of its large soundproof windows.

The best way to start the day is with a full breakfast in the hotel buffet. You will find a great variety of juices, fruits, smoothie, broad, yogurt, cheese, etc. The hotel restaurant has a delicious menu, which are formed by traditional dishes of the healthy Mediterranean Diet. There is also a café bar, where you can take a snack or drink cocktails.

The hotel also has other great facilities, which are accessible for the disabled, such as:

  • The fitness centre is open 24 hours to the guests and it is free. So you don’t have excuses to be fit. It is formed by a gym and a sauna.
  • There are 2 picturesque terraces, where you can celebrate your especial events.
  • There are also event halls. They are the perfect place to organize a congress or a special event such as a wedding.
  • In the private parking your car hire hotel NH Malaga will be safe.


What to do in Malaga to enjoy your time the most

From Bahia Sexi, we have created a travel guide to make your time in Malaga an unique experience. Click the link below to see all the different options this city offers to you:

What to do in Malaga

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Enjoy our delivery options

Malaga is a big city which has many things to do. So don’t waste your time waiting for the bus and move with the car hire Hotel NH Malaga. Bahia Sexi 3 delivery services and you can choose the best in your case.

  1. At Malaga Airport, Bahia Sexi has the service “Meet & Greet”. You will meet our staff in the arrival hall and you can ask your questions about the car hire hotel NH Malaga. You will have your contract and your car rental to move freely.
  2. At your accommodation it is also possible because Bahia Sexi can go to your hotel. The meeting point will be the hotel lobby, where we can deliver you the car hire Hotel NH Malaga. The return is very simple too. You just park the car rental close to the hotel and leave the key in the reception. Then we will pick it up later.
  3. The Bahia Sexi´s office is the other meeting point; where we can deliver you the car hire Hotel NH Malaga.

Our staff will be glad to attend you where you prefer. In addition, if you need more information visit the Bahia Sexi´s website.

Getting to Malaga

If you are not going to take your rental car from Bahia Sexi Rent a Car at Malaga Airport. Probably you need a transfer solution to go to Malaga. We show you some options:

Malaga Airport transfer

You can Pre-book your private taxi transfer service with AutoSexi, your reliable taxi firm that operates to & from Malaga Airport. AutoSexi is rated as the best transfer company, and if you want more information regarding our transfer service reviews.


Maybe take a bus is the cheapest way to getting to Malaga. But we are sure that it is the most uncomfortable.

Malaga Airport Transfer Service


In conclusion, Malaga is a very interesting city, where you will find beaches and sun. But you also will discover history, cultural events, museums, etc.

With the car hire Hotel NH Malaga you can move freely. And explore the city without public transport schedules. Book it with Bahia Sexi and have a good time.

Malaga offers its visitors sun, beaches, and many both leisure and cultural facilities and events. So don’t miss anything with the car hire hotel NH Malaga. Book it with Bahia Sexi and just have fun.