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Take your cheap car hire in Estepona and ride along the history of the town!

Estepona was for many years subject to the jurisdiction of Marbella, with Doña Juana La Loca as governor of these kingdoms, due to the absence of the Catholic Monarchs.

It had a little over 600 neighbours then. It was only with King Felipe Quinto that he obtained his total and absolute independence on April 21, 1729.

Walking through the village we will find the Clock Tower that is still clinging to the heart of the village. It was in the sixteenth century when a church was built of which only the tower remains.

We will also come across the 18th-century church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, which was once a Franciscan convent.

The tranquillity of its streets and squares changes in summer, when the population almost triples.

With 21 kilometres of coastline, there are many beaches to choose from, including those of La Rada, Bahía Dorada, del Cristo and Costa Natura, the latter being one of the first nudist beaches in Andalusia.

In front of the sea, Sierra Bermeja, which has a Spanish fir tree at the top of the massif (in Los Reales) at an altitude of 1450 metres, where hawks, eagles and even some otters live.


The mountains become gentle hills as we approach the town where the Los Pedregales Municipal Park is located, around the hermitage of San Isidro, patron saint of the village.

Naturally, tourism, construction and real estate supply are the economic driving forces of this population.

However, they are not reluctant to forget the old traditions, neither fishing nor agriculture, as they still grow and sell citrus and tropical fruits, which continue to support a part of the local economy.

Next to the fishing port is the marina, as it could not be less in a tourist city. But in Estepona we will also see the other components of a high-quality tourism: golf courses, luxurious hotels, exclusive urbanizations…

However, there is a differentiating factor in Estepona. And it is their attempt to be also an outstanding cultural focus.

There was a family, Don José and Doña María Nadal, who wanted to repay the people for all the affection they had received and decided to leave their heritage to create a foundation whose sole objective was to create a university centre.


But how would be the weather when you take your cheap car hire in Estepona?

The climate is mild and warm in Estepona. Winters are wetter than summers in Estepona. This location is classified as Csa by Köppen and Geiger.

The average annual temperature is 17.8 ° C in Estepona. Precipitation here averages 654 mm.


The driest month is July. There is 1 mm of precipitation in July. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in December, with an average of 117 mm.

With an average temperature of 24.4°C, August is the warmest month. The lowest average temperatures of the year occur in January, when it is around 12.5 ° C.

Precipitation varies 116 mm between the driest and wettest month. The variation in temperatures throughout the year is 11.9 ° C.


Monuments that are worth to visit with your cheap car hire in Estepona

Estepona has places of interest that have been preserved since prehistoric times. Thus, in the area of Castillejos, next to the Parque de Pedregales, you can see the remains of a fortification from this period, rebuilt by the Muslims.

The Castle of Nicio and the Clock Tower are preserved from the period of Muslim rule.

The Castillo del Nicio is the ruins of a 9th century fortress located in the upper part of El Padrón. The walls and several towers are still standing today.


The Clock Tower, in the historic centre, corresponds to the old minaret of a mosque that became a church after the Castilian occupation of the town.

The tower became a bell tower and in the 18th century the neoclassical style dome was added, decorated with garlands, volutes and bucraneals.

After the Castilian conquest, the town of Estepona was attacked by pirates who prevented repopulation by capturing the inhabitants to sell them as slaves.

From the watchtowers there was a warning of the imminent attack.

These towers are the 10th century Guadalmansa tower, the 14th century Baños tower, and the 16th century Arroyo Vaquero, Saladillo, Saladavieja, Padrón and Velerín towers.

The Castle of San Luis is a fortress built by Queen Isabel La Católica in the 16th century to reinforce the walls of the town and facilitate its repopulation. Today, only the ruins are preserved.


Take your cheap car hire in Estepona and go to eat the best food!

Of those from the land, the most characteristic dish is the country soup, which was born from the hands of farmers for the low cost of the ingredients (found in their garden) and easy preparation.

The soup is made with oil, tomato, pepper, onion, garlic, bread, egg and salt.


Of the foods that are obtained from the sea, the preferred one in Estepona is the spicy sardine, although fried fish in all its varieties can be found in restaurants and bars with total security.

Other dishes typical of this gastronomy are the ajoblanco, the emblanco, the gazpacho, the gazpachuelo, the sardines to the tile, the fish to the salt and the salad of octopus.

In recent years international food has been installed in many restaurants in the municipality, so that it has a supply that covers almost all nationalities.


Enjoy the best 5 Restaurants of Estepona

Bronzzzano Beach Club

Bronzzzano opened in 2017 with an original proposal for a beach club, restaurant and saltwater swimming pool. It is an exclusive Beach Club located in the most beautiful cove of Estepona.

It has an exclusive indoor restaurant, outdoor terrace restaurant. There is also a saltwater swimming pool with beds and hammocks and a superior terrace with our VIP restaurant.

In addition, its spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco and the Rock of Gibraltar.

Baileys Bar and Bistro

Quiet and familiar place very close to the old town of Estepona. Excellent for dinner with family or couple, with tapas, dishes, hamburgers including children’s menu.

Fast, attentive, very friendly service. Quality price very good.

It has an open terrace in a pedestrian area in the center of Estepona, making it one of the top 5 restaurants in Estepona.

Restaurant La Pampa

Open since 1987. With a very good attention and the dishes very well presented and with a lot of flavor to delight with a good meal, in addition very good atmosphere.

Excellent quality products with very good staff treatment. Spectacular meats and desserts. Good wine list. Site indicated for romantic evenings and with friends.

Finally to say that it is only to little more than 30 minutes of the Airport of Malaga in the rented car.

Buenavista Restaurant in Estepona

To talk about this restaurant. One of the 5 best restaurants in Estepona, only you have to see what your customers say:

“Varied and at a good price. They also have a menu. Everything was rich and with a terrace in the middle of Calle Real.”

“From the best economic menus in Estepona. Good home-cooked food, quiet place if it is not July-August. Highly recommended. The owners are very attentive.”

Madubar Fusion

Madubar Fusion is included in our list thanks to the fact that it is a family restaurant with very exquisite traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition its location in the historical center is privileged.

We must also say that it has a large terrace and six rooms with different styles where you can enjoy a cozy environment and a decoration cared for in detail.

And also with Tripavisor certificate.


Go to your the beach with your cheap car hire in Estepona!

La Galera Beach

In the urbanization Buenas Noches. Very quiet beach with medium grain and grey sand and a good sporting offer.

Bahia Dorada Beach

Wild beach, with a beautiful water, gray sand and moderate waves.

Costa Natura Beach

It is nudist and has sand of volcanic origin. Its waves are moderate.

Guadalobón Beach

Next to the Elbe Hotel. Its sand is medium gray and the waves are moderate.

Arroyo Vaquero Beach

On the bank of the river with the same name. It is an extensive and quiet beach where you can practice spearfishing.

El Cristo Beach

Small cove sheltered from the wind, ideal for children. The water has a good temperature and the sand is grey.

Beach of La Rada

In front of the town centre. Distinguished with the blue flag, the sand is medium grain and golden in colour. It has a beautiful promenade and beach bars where you can have a drink.

Punta de la Plata Beach

Just before the town centre coming from Malaga. Its sand is thick and grey and the waves are moderate.

Punta Pinillo Beach

Its sand is coarse and grey in colour with moderate swell.

El Padrón Beach

It has an area of groves and you can practice octopus fishing. The sand is grey and the waves are moderate.

Beach of El Castor

Flanked by lush vegetation. Its sand is grey and the waves are moderate.

Beach of El Velerín

Situated in an incomparable setting with sea, mountains, rivers and lush vegetation. The sand and water are always clean.


Quiet beach with a relaxed atmosphere and especially clean waters.

Guadalmansa Beach

The large cultivation areas slide into the sand. The water’s usually clean.

Saladillo Beach

Very clean beach without algae or rocks. The sand is fine and slatey.

Beach of Casasola

Excellent bathing area with grey sand and moderate swell.

Atalaya Beach

Area of thick grey sand and moderate swell.


Are you enjoying your cheap car hire in Estepona?

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