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Know the surroundings with your cheap car hire in Puerto Marina del Este!

The Marina Marina del Este is located in La Herradura, Almuñécar (Granada), in a natural setting of great beauty, situated in a privileged setting between the mountains and the sea.

It manages 227 moorings with a maximum length of 35 metres and has a dry dock dedicated to the repair of boats that provides service to all the boats in the area.

La Herradura is an old town, but young. One of the most beautiful villages on the coast of Granada. La Herradura is a hamlet belonging to Almuñécar.

It can be said that it is the last village in the province before entering Malaga. It has magnificent beaches in the Herradura itself and secluded coves in the Cerrogordo area.

The naturist beach of Cantarriján should be highlighted.

Due to its characteristics, La Herradura beach represents one of the privileged places for a perfect stay.

The quality of its seabed stands out, which has made the area a privilege for divers as it is immersed in the Natural Marine Park of the Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs, declared by UNESCO as a Specially Protected Area.


What can you do with your cheap car hire in Puerto Marina del Este?

If you prefer to take a boat trip, we recommend you to contact some of the companies that organize excursions by the sea and visit the Marina “Marina del Este”, designed in the purest Mediterranean style that stands out for its cosy appearance.

If you are a lover of botany and fauna, you are in luck because at the same time as hiking, cycling or horseback riding you can see native and acclimatized vegetation such as oleander, reeds, canes, palm hearts, lentiscos and olive trees, wild olive trees, wild olive trees, almonds, figs or castor beans (a species introduced in Roman times and used in conjunction with the famous’Garum’).

Also used as medicinal remedies, especially in the 1960s, and of course a wide variety of subtropical species such as the Ave del Paraíso with its spectacular flowering, mango, papaya, babaco, guava, cherimoya and avocado.

If you want to go by air, and visit Almuñécar and La Herradura from a bird’s eye view, we have several ideal starting points for paragliding, hang gliding or paratrike riding…. if you haven’t decided yet, you can always try a two-seater!


What you should eat with your cheap car hire in Puerto Marina del Este?

The cuisine of the area of the Granada coast can be defined as Mediterranean, but has some peculiarities that are worth observing.

The gastronomy of this region is marked tremendously by an extraordinary climate, however curious, which favours the cultivation in this area of exotic species that could not survive anywhere else in Europe.

The mixture of sunny days with the humidity and softness of the sea breezes and the mountainous environment create an authentic tropical orchard.

In many cases we speak of fruits, such as cherimoyas, mangoes, avocados, papayas, lychees, guavas, and other species of the vega (the cultivable plain), such as sugar cane.

In addition, the next most immediate influence is that of the sea.

Fishing has been a very important activity in all senses along the coast of Granada, and many of the most typical dishes have as their main ingredient different forms of fish: fried, grilled, espetos, baked, in any form!

Already in Phoenician times fish preserves and salted fish were made near Almuñécar, which then travelled all over the Mediterranean.

Finally, a third class of products should also be included that are more typical of the coastal mountain ranges, such as lamb or goat meat, honey, cheese, almonds, olive oil and pastries with Arab reminiscences.

We hope that you will enjoy your trip in Puerto Marina del Este! Take a moment to look at our services and rent your car in Costa del Sol today! 🙂