Sierra Nevada is a unique site, one of the highest mountain ranges in Spain. You can discover the amazing mountains with our cheap car hire in Sierra Nevada . It is located behind the city of Granada. Ideal for your holidays because of its proximity to the rest of the capitals, and only an hour and a half from the beach.

If you are one of those who like adventure, the mountain, and try new experiences, this post is dedicated to you.


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 A brief history of the Sierra Nevada

Already since the first century, there are mentions of this mountain in some writings. Throughout time it has been known by different names such as Mountain of the Sun, Mountain of the Air and Sun or Mountain of the Frost.

From the 18th century it was baptized with the current name of Sierra Nevada.

Famous authors such as Washington Irving or Gerald Brenan dedicated entire works to this natural site, its beauty and the city of Granada.

They also made the region of the Alpujarra known to the world. A group of small towns scattered among the mountains that harbour a unique beauty.

The ski resort of Sierra Nevada, accessible from the town of Pradollano, began to be created in the 60s. The boom of tourism in Spain led to the creation of alternative activities for people looking for another type of vacation.

In it, there have been numerous tests of the World Cup of alpine skiing or winter games.


Skiing in Sierra Nevada

The ski resort of Sierra Nevada is the highest altitude in Spain. It is only 27km from the city of Granada and the road is good.

In any case, do not worry because MalagaCabbie offers transfer from Malaga airport to Sierra Nevada, or from any town on the Malaga and Granada coast.

It has more than 100 kilometres of tracks, of different difficulty levels. Anyone with the desire to ski can do so since you will have guided classes and rental equipment. 

And if you still do not trust, you can always descend by sledge!

How does the ski station with your cheap car hire in Sierra Nevada work?

The ski station does not only offer snow sports activities. It also makes camps for the little ones, nocturnal things to see the stars, excursions, ascents to the Mulhacén peak and endless events focused on the tourist leisure.

Sierra Nevada Adventura & Ski rentals have an enviable location within the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort.

It is the first shop you will find when you enter the Station, located in the Alfa Building. They also have a second shop at the foot of the slopes, next to the Hotel Maribel and Hotel Lodge.


They have a workshop to repair your skis or snowboard and their staff will treat you very kindly and help you with everything you need.

In addition to renting, they are also a ski and snowboard school, they make excursions with Snowshoes, and rent Snowshoes and Clothes.

Ski equipment rental prices in the Sierra Nevada vary little from store to store, around 3 euros, but some stores do not offer snowboard rental.

There are 3 possibilities when buying ski or snowboard equipment:

Ilíberis Sport

Ilíberis Sport is a Granada company located in the Sierra Nevada and offers ski equipment rental. In addition, they have a workshop to repair damaged equipment or if they need an overhaul.

They have equipment for all types of skiers, beginners and experts, and for all the types of this winter sport. There are also equipment for children.

The price of renting a complete set of equipment, including skis, boots and poles, is 22 euros for an adult and 16 euros for a child. Snowboard rental 33 euros.

Store hours: from 9:00 to 14:00 in the morning, and from 16:00 to 21:00 in the afternoon.

The shop is in front of the Hotel Melía, in the Mont building. Blanc.

Río Sport

Ski and snowboard equipment rental is only part of their job, this family business founded in 1973 specializes in repairing skis and boots, and manufacturing custom ski boots. They also have a school that offers skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports classes.

In addition, you can buy your ski equipment here, advised by experts, and try it before.

The rental of complete equipment including skis, boots and poles, mid-range costs 25 euros for adults and 18 euros for children.

The price of snowboard rental is 27 euros if you include the boots and 19 euros only the board. Snowboarding for children costs 20 euros with boots and 16 euros without them.

Uninterrupted timetable every day of the week from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

They have two shops in Sierra Nevada, one located in the Plaza de Pradollano in front of the Parador chairlift, and another in the Plaza Andalucía next to the Al Andalus cable car.

Monitor Tecno

Monitor Tecno has been offering ski rental in Sierra Nevada since 1978. It is made up of professionals who are prepared to answer any question from our clients.

The price of renting complete equipment including skis, boots and poles is 25,00 euros for adults and 19,10 euros for children. Snowboard rental is 26,30 euros, including board and boots.

It is open from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 h to 14:00 h and in the afternoon from 15:00 h to 20:00 h. Friday, Saturday and Sunday do not close at noon.

They have two shops: in the Plaza de Pradollano, where they also have an equipment repair shop, and in the Edificio Montebajo in the Plaza de Andalucía.

If we can help you with more information while you enjoy your cheap car hire in Sierra Nevada, don’t hesitate to contact us and share this article with people who have an interest in the subject.


Sierra Nevada Christmas 2020

This is a different year for everyone in every way. And the southernmost ski resort in Europe was not going to be any different. Because it has been affected by the anti-Covid measures put in place by the Government of Andalusia.

The opening of the ski slopes has been later than in other years. The ski resort opened on 18 December. In other years it has always been almost a month earlier, despite the quality of the snow. Precisely because mobility in Andalusia and specifically in Granada was restricted by the coronavirus.

 Also due to the effect of the world pandemic. This year, since the organisation of the ski resort, a campaign has been promoted to encourage the online purchase of products and activities. In this way, access is made easier and personal attendance, queues and crowds are avoided. 

 And in mid-November, the ski pass card was sent free of charge to all users who requested it. 

 This summer one hundred new snow cannons produced for the current season were also purchased from the winter site and were fully installed at the end of September. In total, Sierra Nevada now has more than 300 snow cannons, almost all of them automatic.

 Although skiing is not the only thing you can do in Sierra Nevada, there are many other activities to enjoy the snow during the season. 

 Some interesting proposals include: excursions with snowshoes or on treadmills and guided exploration of the night sky.