Summer is getting closer, and you may be wondering where to spend your vacations. If what you like are the sun and the beach, and you need a relaxing vacation, read on because today we are going to talk about one of the best options you can find on the Costa del Sol. We are talking about Torremolinos, a tourist town very close to Málaga bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Andalusian culture. If you are thinking about spending your holidays in this wonderful place we recommend a cheap car hire in Torremolinos to be able to enjoy them to the maximum without worries in transport.

Torremolinos is a city totally focused on tourism, in it you will find a lot of services and activities focused on generating a good experience. Throughout this post we will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of your stay. What places to visit, what to eat, where to stay or what are the activities that it offers us. Are you ready for the trip? Let’s go there!

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Culture & Demographic information

The history of the city

The history of Torremolinos goes back thousands of years. In prehistory, 150,000 years ago the first signs of human presence in the area appear. Remains have been found as skulls, vessels, axes and arrows and other utensils in excavations carried out in the caves located in the well-known “Punta de Torremolinos”, next to the sea.

However, it is in the Neolithic when a greater presence appears. In this time humans began to cultivate the fields and practice livestock. Archaeologists have found remains of these settlements, which despite not being still fishing towns they were located in this zone by their natural wealth, abundant hunting and a good climate.

The first population as such in the municipality of Torremolinos today appeared in Roman times. Remains are still preserved, such as a pool plastered with coloured mosaics or a small necropolis with 23 Roman tombs. Although the greatest inheritance left by these ancestors was a road that bordered the coast and united the cities of Gades (Cádiz) and Malaca (Málaga). This road favoured commerce and the growth of the populations that settled throughout the Costa del Sol.

Throughout its history, the water that flows from the springs of the mountainous area of Málaga and its subsoil has played a fundamental role in the history of this city. From the Arab conquest, the first mills appeared that later would give the name with which today we know it. The Arabs knew how to take advantage of the aquifer treasure and built a total of 19 mills. Some of which we can still visit or find remains throughout the city.

The geographical disposition of the mills also traced the places of settlement and subsequent geographic and demographic expansion of Torremolinos over the centuries.

Do you need a bit more history?

Another element left by the Arab period is the well-known Torre de los Molinos. A defensive construction located at the end of the San Miguel street with two floors with windows for defenders and vigils that was built due to the numerous attacks of invaders from the north of Africa.

After the reconquest of the Christians of the Kingdom of Granada, Torremolinos was exposed to pirate attacks until the eighteenth century. In the first place, the Arab attacks halted the growth of the city. Later the English pirates, in a raid by Admiral George Rooke, set fire to and looted the houses and the mills, so that Torremolinos was practically destroyed. The problem of piracy led to the construction of Santa Clara Castle, which defended the coast with a battery of cannons.

During the nineteenth century, everything was completely rebuilt, including the mills. However, around 1923 the decline of the milling industry began and the city had to be converted. Little by little, hotels and premises focused on leisure and sun and beach tourism was built. The economy of the city burst from 1950 with the “tourist boom”. Torremolinos became the largest tourist centre on the Costa del Sol.

Until today it has been a symbol and emblem of debauchery, leisure and reference for a wide range of urban tribes and people of all types of sexual condition. The first topless beaches began to take place on its beaches and its pubs have been a pilgrimage mecca for tourists from all over Europe over these years.

Discover the museums near Torremolinos

The Aeronautical Museum of Malaga

The first of all the museums we can discover is in Malaga Airport itself. Because it is the Aeronautical Museum of Malaga.

Also known as Museum of Airports, Navigation, and Air Transport of Malaga.

It is in the original passenger terminal at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport. It was left in disuse after the modern expansion of the airport from the second half of the twentieth century.

La Tabacalera of Malaga

La Tabacalera is the name by which the old Real Fábrica de Tabacos de Málaga (Royal Tobacco Factory of Malaga) is known locally. Next to La Misericordia beach. This historic building on the road that leads to Torremolinos houses several museums.

Automobile Museum

In the main building, the Malaga Automobile Museum was opened on 16 September 2010 after years of work. It was also occupied between 2012 and 2016 by the Information and Control Centre of the Spanish-Japanese electric mobility project Zem2ALL.

The Russian Museum Collection

Since 25 March 2015 it has also housed the headquarters of the Collection of the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg Málaga.

Also from Torremolinos we can have easy access to all the museums in Malaga Capital. For example:

  • Thyssen Museum
  • Picasso Museum
  • The Birthplace of Pablo Picasso
  • Museum of Music

The clima in Torremolinos

How is the clima in Torremolinos?

Torremolinos enjoys a peaceful and ideal time to spend a holiday throughout the year. The influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the protection offered by the mountains of Malaga means that temperatures are mild and with little rainfall almost every month.

The maximum temperatures are between 15 and 30 degrees, being the hottest months of July and August. The rains meanwhile reach 500 litres per square meter, the least advisable months to travel in this aspect are November and February.

The spring in Torremolinos is very pleasant as the temperatures go through 24 degrees, and you can already see people sunbathing on the beaches. It is a good time to walk around the city and visit the green areas such as the botanical garden of the Molino de Inca or the Parque de la Batería.

In autumn the weather is enviable, as the last rays of the sun of the year are peaceful and fill the terraces of the bars and pubs at noon.

But if you decide to travel in the most extreme seasons, winter and summer, you will not have a bad time either. Winters are very mild, temperatures never drop below 8 degrees. While summers, hot and dry, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees, are perfect for a swim on its beaches. Although do not forget to use sunscreen so you do not spoil your vacation with sunstroke!

Located on the Costa del Sol, on the western shore of the bay of Malaga and behind the Sierra de Mijas.

Torremolinos is bordered to the northeast by Churriana de Málaga. On the east and southeast with the Mediterranean Sea, to the southwest and west with the municipality of Benalmádena. And to the northwest with the municipality of Alhaurín de la Torre.

It has the shape of a star strip of coastline (mostly a beach landscape) and as we have already said at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas.

The city is located at an altitude of 49 metres above sea level. It is only 13 km from the centre of Málaga.  Visitors can get there via the A-7 motorway. As well as by suburban train. Or by the national road 340.

Thanks to its privileged geographical location, Torremolinos enjoys average temperatures of between 15 and 30 °C. Its humidity is around 75 %.

The annual rainfall is approximately 500 l/m². The rainiest months are February and November.  That is why the best time to go is from March to October.


How to combat heat in Torremolinos and enjoy your summer

Torremolinos is a beautiful cosmopolitan seaside village. It enjoys a great climate, but some summer days are very hot. So in this post we give you some tips on how to combat the heat in Torremolinos.

Due to its geographical location, Torremolinos enjoys maximum temperatures of between 15 and 30 °C and a humidity of approximately 75 %. Rainfall reaches 500 litres per square metre, with the rainiest months being November and February.

However, care must be taken in summer. Because some days between July and August the temperature could arrive the 35 grades.

But during the summer there can also be warmer days, especially between 12:00 noon and 17:00 hours.

That’s why in this post we talk about the climate of Torremolinos and how to fight the heat. And we leave you some tips to combat those days of maximum heat.

List of tips on how to combat heat in Torremolinos:

  • Have an ice-cream shake: Any bar in the centre.
  • Take a nocturnal sightseeing tour
  • During the summer the cultural attractions close later.
  • Bathing in the sea or in a swing pool. Avoid the hottest hours and take a bath in the sea.
  • Visit the Torremolinos water park.
  • Visit a tree park or forest.
  • enjoy fruits and vegetables: in Torremolinos and Málaga you can find fresh fruits and vegetables of the day.
  • Buy a Spanish “Abanico”
  • Have a good fan.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours.
  • On the beach, in general, it is very good thanks to the breeze coming from the sea, but remember to avoid staying under the sun from 11 to 15.

So the climate of Torremolinos is another plus point for you to choose this city for your next vacation. But beware of heat waves. And remember that in 5 minutes you will arrive from Malaga International Airport in your rental car.

Finally do not worry about the heat, all our rent cars have air conditional. Therefore you can choose the best temperature.#


Time to eat in Torremolinos

The best 5 restaurants in Torremolinos.

Mejor con Reserva

Normally the best restaurants always have a long history, but there is always an exception. With only 3 years of existence, Mejor con reserva has already become one of the best restaurants in Torremolinos.

It can be found in the Playamar area. In addition to its menu that we will talk about later, it is worth mentioning its decoration made by the interior designer Archi Meli.

Dishes with recognisable flavours, with some exotic touches, which are executed with precision.

Don’t miss Los entrantes like “Ensaldilla rusa” with homemade prawns.

The good “Tartar de salchichón de Málaga” well seasoned and best cut into cubes of a certain calibre. And the “Gazpacho” soft and refreshing that, fortunately.

On the other hand we can not fail to mention the extensive and exquisite wine list that offers.

Meson Andaluz

To enjoy the best Mediterranean food this is one of the best places to do it.

Both the grilled meat and the fried fish of Malaga feel better sitting in the cooler on a good terrace like Mesón Andaluz.

Tinto & Brasa

Specialists in Mediterranean food. Well prepared. In addition with a good service on the part of the waiters.

The price adjusted and pleasant place next to the beach of the Carihuela.

In addition it is to few meters of the beach in a calm place. So while tasting the best food of the Costa del Sol you can hear the coming and going of the waves.


The new AMURA Restaurant, on the promenade of Torremolinos, is a different restaurant with a Mediterranean atmosphere.

A stone’s throw from the beach, it combines the relaxed Mediterranean aesthetics with a few modern touches.

Its dishes are succulent of Mediterranean cuisine, without forgetting its renowned Italian cuisine with innovative mixtures in their dishes.

A good place to enjoy the nights by the sea.

In addition to a sophisticated interior, with different spaces and capacity for group dinners. It has a small but luxurious terrace on the promenade overlooking the sea.

El Pórtico

In a list of the 5 best restaurants in Torremolinos we could not forget this restaurant.

It is located in Pasaje Alberto Ginastera.

It also has an outdoor terrace, an indoor lounge and a tapas area with high and low tables.

The terrace located in a pedestrian zone is perfect for the days that the weather accompanies.

Restaurant El Pórtico offers an extensive menu of Castilian cuisine, prepared with care and served professionally by its great team.

From roasted suckling pig, to lamb shoulder, ox chop, through the revuelto leonés, botillo del bierzo, or sweet rice with lobster…

Also Bahia Sexi introduces you the best attractions of Torremolinos. In this way, you can visit each important corner in your own thing and you won’t miss anything. So read this post to organize better your vacation.

And all of these attractions only five minutes from the International Malaga Airport in your car hire.


The 5 Best Bars of Torremolinos to enjoy a drink and some tapas!

The first of the 5 Best Bars of Torremolinos is: La Pepa

La Pepa is a good place to go for a beer or wine accompanied by a good tapa. And more with the good weather that always does in Torremolinos

Also thanks to the waiters and the atmosphere you feel at home. It also has to be said that its price is economic and affordable.


We can find this fantastic restaurant/ tapas bar in Torremolinos. If you pass through Torremolinos don’t forget to pass through Bar la Marinella.

Also worth mentioning are the prawns which are also served in fantastic portions of delicious garlic and delicious crispy bread.

To drink nothing better than sangria as well. In addition to the good presentation of the tapas and a very friendly service.

It can be found between the main streets of Torremolinos.

Sportman´s Bar

It is a small and relaxed bar to sit and watch any type of sport, rugby, football, etc..

In addition the owners are very kind. The food is incredible and the drinks are always cold and cheap. We also recommend it for its magnificent atmosphere.

Bar-Cocktail Teteria Albanta

A beautiful place to have a drink. Its mojitos are exquisite. It also stands out for its pleasant and cozy atmosphere and good music.

The staff is always very attentive and friendly. Suitable for all ages.

The last of the 5 Best Bars of Torremolinos: Parsons Green Bar

This is a lovely bar in Torremolinos. The owner is great and really knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s a cocktail bar. Whichever one you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

The food is very good. Although the kitchen is small they serve fast. Also every cocktail is delicious. Finally say that you use fresh fruit juice to make them really refreshing in the heat.

Remember that Torremolinos is right next to Malaga International Airport so you can get here with your rented car in a few minutes.


The best Paella restaurants in Torremolinos

In this post we bring you some of the best Paella restaurants in Torremolinos. Because paella is one of the most exquisite dishes of Spain and the Costa del Sol.

And if you want to know more about Torremolinos and the Costa del Sol, don’t forget to visit our blog.

José Cerdán Restaurant

The first of all on our list is the José Cerdán Restaurant on the Paseo Marítimo in Playamar. Because it is the ideal place to eat a good Caldoso rice in Torremolinos.  They are also specialists in:

  • Mixed Paella
  • Seafood Paella
  • Seafood Zarzuela
  • Rice with Lobster
  • Carabinieri

Enjoy with family and friends their most significant specialties, the rice menu.

In addition to meet any of your expectations and be fully satisfied, our professional waiters can recommend the best option for your taste.

For all these reasons, don’t miss the opportunity to do it in this Playamar’s Restaurant -Chiringuito and try the secret of their traditional recipes.

Chiringuito Los Manueles

It is certainly a great place to eat and spend a nice time with family or business meal. Because it has a good situation at the end of benyamina avenue and the rice dishes are spectacular; the fried fish, the espetos and the rest of the good food served with an exquisite treatment by the Manueles and their kind and attentive waiters.

In addition the local has a terrace with spectacular views of the environment and hammocks in the sand to enjoy the beach. We can also say that it is another landmark in Playamar.

Among its specialties is rice. In which there is a wide assortment

  •  Rice with vegetables
  • Seafood Rice Broth
  • Marseille Paella
  • Brothy rice with lobster
  • Mixed Paella
  • Black rice.
  • Banded Rice

La Lonja Restaurant

We can find it between San Ginés and Mar streets. And also in the splendid promenade of La Carihuela. In which you will find the Restaurant La Lonja. Because it is a different and cozy place with marine decoration. In which you will be able to enjoy and to taste the best gastronomy malagueña and Mediterranean.

With speciality in rice, being the best:

  • Black rice
  • Marinera Rice
  • Mixed Paella
  • And the special of the house, La Paella de La Lonja


The best ice cream shops in Torremolinos

In this post we are going to recommend the best ice cream shops in Torremolinos. Because we believe it is important to enjoy this delicacy on the shores of the Mediterranean.

NONNA handmade ice cream (Torremolinos)

This small ice cream parlor on the promenade of Torremolinos. Of artisan elaboration they only have a few limited flavors to the day and they are very rich. They have enough variety and the best thing is that they have their allergen table at sight and there are several options for vegans or lactose intolerant.

Kenko, Fresh Ideas

We ordered Kenko’s ice cream, you’ve got a lot of variety. Highlight the yogurt ice cream with stevia instead of sugar, you do not notice the difference and this riquisimo. To repeat several times.

Ice creams D´Arbini

Truly handmade ice cream. Also with an excellent quality and price. However there is a closed period in winter. It is on the promenade where you can enjoy beautiful views and accompany it with a good ice cream.

The variety of ice cream will not leave you indifferent. Because there are from traditional recipes to other more typical of the area.

Helartia Torremolinos

Excellent handmade ice creams, very well obtained and served. 3.5€ medium bowl and 2.5€ small but fill them generously. Many flavors and all good. Very recommendable.


Choose the accommodation you really need

From Bahia Sexi we have created some blogs with the most important information about this accommodation to make it easier to choose one of them for you. Feel free to visit it to find more information about these accommodations.


Hotel Puente Real

Hotel Pueblo Camino Real

Social events and more!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Torremolinos

 Since 4 December 2020, Christmas lighting has been switched on in an atypical year, without any celebration or opening ceremony. 

 Although this year there is up to 30% less lighting than in previous years, the same spirit remains. And the rest of the activities that have been possible have been maintained despite the restrictions due to the pandemic.

 The Town Hall and all the public institutions are also asking the population to be careful when they go out on the streets.  Always trying to avoid crowds and respecting at all times the schedules established by the authorities.

 After the lights are switched on, the lighting will be maintained from 6pm to midnight every day and until 2am on 24th and 31st December.

 This year, despite some restrictions, the village of Santa Claus will be installed and the royal postman will also pass through Torremolinos. 

 The doors of the village will be open for children to deliver their letters from five to eight, and on the 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th from eleven to one in the morning and from five to eight. 

 Next to the village, the traditional Christmas market has also been installed and will remain there until 5th January. Because the centre of Torremolinos is a meeting point for all families. Because despite the restrictions you can enjoy Christmas, shopping, gastronomy and the good service and products of Torremolinos. 

 Also in Torremolinos there is a cultural offer programmed, above all, with the theatrical cycles that there are on the weekends both in the Caseta de Asociaciones with the comedy theatre, and in the Municipal Auditorium where the next two Sundays we will have two first level plays.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Torremolinos

Since Thursday December 5 that inaugurates its artistic Christmas lighting from the Plaza Costa del Sol. On an exciting night and in which Torremolinos proves to be a lively and open municipality that will celebrate Christmas with everyone who visits us. In addition until January 6, 2020 and with general hours from Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 02:00 hours. Tuesday 31 December will have a special schedule until 06:00 hours.

Thus, the inauguration included a musical performance by the group ‘Zambomba Mediterráneo’ followed by a parade organized by the Association of Traders and Entrepreneurs of Torremolinos.

Christmas Market in Torremolinos

The Christmas market has also been put into operation, with a dozen stalls that will offer artisan products throughout Christmas among which are those provided by the collaboration of the Athena Association.

Also throughout the month of December and early January will follow recreational activities, musical, festive, cultural, participatory and solidarity. For families, young people, children and adults, also to attract the public of nearby municipalities and, of course, winter tourism.

Among the new additions this year, are the actions that will be moved to the neighborhoods, “events aimed at the youngest.

Santa Claus Village

On Avenida Palma de Mallorca during the 20th and 23rd of December and from the 2nd to the 4th of January 2020, the doors of Santa Claus’ house will open so that the children of Torremolinos can bring him their letters. This activity will be open from 11:00 to 13:00 hours and from 17:00 to 20:00 hours.

Do not forget it, because it is very funny.

And as every year Bahia Sexi wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And enjoy it with your family and friends as best as possible.

Merry Christmas to all our customers and readers.


Night of San Juan in Torremolinos, ready to have some fun in your holiday?

As every month of June you can already feel the heat because summer is coming. And the shortest night of the year because it is the Magic Night of San Juan in Torremolinos.

The Magic Night of San Juan in Torremolinos from June 23rd to June 24th is one of the most awaited of the year, summer begins.

During the Night of San Juan in Torremolinos, the main festival takes place on the beach of La Carihuela, in front of the Plaza del Remo.

There are also more activities at the Montemar Fair. Because this fair starts on Friday the 22nd from 21:30 to 4 in the morning and lasts until Saturday. There will also be mechanical attractions, music, drink stalls and fast food. The fair is in the open-air sports centre in La Mancha Verde, next to the Montemar stop of the suburban train.


Discover Activities during August in Torremolinos

In this post you will discover the best activities during August in Torremolinos. Because Torremolinos is a city to enjoy, especially in summer. In addition, the Town Hall has prepared a series of activities to further improve the summer.

If you want to know more about Torremolinos and Costa del Sol, visit our blog.

Summer Cinema:

During the summer months, the popular Summer Cinema takes place on the beaches of Torremolinos. In which you will be able to enjoy movies for the whole family.

Flamenco Festival

Because for more than twenty years the traditional Flamenco Festival takes place in Torremolinos in August. It is also one of the oldest in the province of Malaga. And every year it also presents outstanding figures of Flamenco.

Mad Bear Festival

This festival, the Mad Bear Festival, is one of the most important gay bear festivals in Europe. It takes place from 9 to 16 August. It can be found in the venues around the Plaza de la Nogalera.

The month of August in Torremolinos is marked by the celebration of Mad Bear Beach 2018, where a large number of hairy men will celebrate their week with the best National and International DJs, the best parties and the election of Mr. MAD.BEAR 2019.

Several local Torremolinos will host the most significant parties of this festival:

  • Aqua
  • Hotel Ritual
  • Eden Beach by Ritual
  • Querell
  • Centuryon

You can also stay at the Hotel Ritual, where you will enjoy a 10% discount. Enjoy another year of pool parties and other parties that will take place both day and night. 10 days in which chasers, bears, wolves, otters… will enjoy the best atmosphere of the Costa del Sol.

Torroles Sound

It is a musical event that takes place on August 12 and 26.  To enjoy it is free. And in the actúanos all kinds of groups and styles, among the most prominent styles are:

  • indierock
  • pop
  • noise
  • garage to enjoy outdoors.


Torremolinos Nightlife, where can you go to dance?

Torremolinos was an important part of the tourist boom of the 1960s. Although Torremolinos´ nightlife later moved to the area known as Pueblo Blanco. However, a few years ago it has resurfaced with force along the promenade of Playamar and Los Alamos with premises that offer hammocks during the day and good music during the night.

If you want to know more about Torremolinos and Costa del Sol, visit our blog.

The downtown area of Torremolinos is also of great importance in the gay atmosphere of Malaga.

Below we show some of the main pubs and discos in Torremolinos divided into type of atmosphere and location:

  • Sala Batey.
  • Dare.
  • Voom Voom.

Torremolinos Nightlife in Seafront promenade and Los Alamos

The march has moved to the promenade and in this we find premises that open for much of the day and night.

  • Playamar mana
  • Moliere Beach
  • Lömbok


Gay nightclubs in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is known for its nightlife, multitude of gay nightclubs and places located in the center of Torremolinos like the following:

  • Passion
  • Parthenon


The visit to Crocodile Park in Torremolinos

Because in Torremolinos, you’ll find Crocodile Park. In which you will find creatures that miraculously survive after 200 million years of evolution. Because these animals knew the dinosaurs and they use the same cold and implacable hunting techniques.

Less than two meters away you can see crocodiles of different species of the world. You will also be able to pass by them, spying on the secrets of one of the most fascinating creatures on earth.

The site covers a large area with all sections connected in a simple and intelligent way. That’s why there are corridors, decks and paths with a lot of observation points, it’s easy to see these prehistoric reptiles doing their job.

With many years of experience, our passionate guides will give you a unique insight into the fascinating lives of these carnivores, which have existed since prehistoric times.

Species of crocodiles that you will be able to find in our facilities:

  • Crocodile of the Nile
  • Crocodile Johnston
  • Spectacled caiman
  • Cuban Crocodile
  • American Alligator

And also other inhabitants of the park:

  • Yemen Chameleon
  • Bearded dragon
  • Turtles Marginatas

Enjoy the Aquarium near Torremolinos

The aquarium is very close to Torremolinos following either the National road 340 or the A7 motorway to the west. Because Benálmadena is the next village to Torremolinos. In addition the aquarium is next to the marina.

The Aquarium near Torremolinos is in Benalmádena.

And Sea Life Benalmádena is the aquarium of the Costa del Sol. In addition, the building in which it is located is by Eduardo Oria at the entrance to the Benalmádena Marina. Easy to find because it is in front of the Torre Bermeja watchtower and next to the Marina Shopping Mall.

It has been there since 1995 as a shark conservation and protection centre. And now there are also more than 5,000 creatures from the Mediterranean, Atlantic and tropical areas of the Indian, Pacific and Red Sea, and the most representative species of the Amazon. It consists of 25 aquariums divided into 9 rooms.

The Sea Life brand belongs to the Merlin Entertainment group, which manages more than twenty similar aquariums in Europe.


The most famous people from Torremolinos

Horacio Lengo Martínez

Horacio Lengo Martínez was born in Torremolinos in 1838 and died in Madrid in 1890. He was a Spanish painter from the Malaga school of painting. He studied in Cádiz, where he came into contact with the artistic world through Serafín Martínez del Rincón.

After travelling to Paris, where he was a disciple of León Bonnat. He participated in the exhibitions of 1875 and 1876 in Paris. He also presented his works at several national exhibitions in Spain in the 1880s.

During the first half of the 1880s he was a recognized painter, prolific and in which “his paintings were bought at a weight of gold”.

He committed suicide by hanging himself in his workshop in Madrid on July 3, 1890, because he was losing his sight.

He has been called “the painter of the turtledoves” or “the painter of the birds and flowers”.

Invisible Dance

Danza Invisible is a new wave music group. It is as one of the bands that were part of the renowned movida madrileña during the 1980s.

It is originally from Torremolinos and founded by Ricardo Texidó, with Chris Navas and Manolo Rubio in 1981. Antonio Gil was also part of the guitar section. Although the last one to join the project was Javier Ojeda. Because he replaced Ricardo Texidó as lead vocalist.

There are two stages in his musical career: the first is characterized by a more alternative and avant-garde sound, inspired by British groups such as Simple Minds, U2 and The Police, or Americans such as Talking Heads or Blondie. The second stage is characterised by a progressive approach to African, danceable and Caribbean music.


The following footballers are also from Torremolinos:

  • Manuel Torres Caturla.
  • Francisco Javier Solar González.
  • José Miguel González Rey.
  • Gabriel Frías-Sánchez Seco.


The Quarry of Torremolinos footballers

First of all it was in 1969 when the Youth team was born with the name of “The Lions”.  And it is the most important quarry of Torremolinos footballers to date.

This team was founded by a man linked to Torremolinos football, Vicente Peña Castillo. For more than 6 years it lasted with this name until 1975. Because it was then when he became part of the definitive “Juventud de Torremolinos C.F.”. Which was and still is the main football team and club of Torremolinos.

From this youth team, forger of players, came many leading players for the highest category team of the Youth of Torremolinos. Among many other players, and it is for that reason that he is considered the creator of the local quarry of the Youth of Torremolinos. Being the most prominent:

  • Vicente
  • Zambrana
  • Blanco
  • Gonzalez
  • Pepillo
  • Tejada


How can you explore the best attractions of Torremolinos?

You will need a vehicle to explore Torremolinos and surroundings freely if you don’t have yours. You can make 2 choices:

  • The cheapest way to travel is the public transport. But there is a big disadvantage, because you will have to worry about its schedules and waste time waiting for them.
  • You can also book our car hire with Bahia Sexi. It will offer you freedom and the privacy to explore the region in your own thing.

In addition, if you prefer the second possibility, you can choose your favorite pick up point:

  1. Our service “Meet & Greet” is at you disposal at the Malaga Airport, where our staffs will meet you at the arrivals area to deliver the car rental as soon as you arrive.
  2. We can also meet at the reception hall of your hotel, where our staff will deliver the car rental in Torremolinos. In the same way, you can return the car rental without leaving your accommodation. So you can give the key to the receptionist after you park it near.
  3. Our staff will be glad to deliver you the car rental, when you visit our office.

You can book it online to choose your favorite pick up point on our website.