Orgiva is a beautiful town that is also the head of the Alpujarra region of Granada. On the south face of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. And from now on in Órgiva Bahía Sexi it offers its new cheap cargo van rental service.

Because despite being one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia, its orography and the dependence of the rest of the towns of the Alpujarra with respect to Órgiva. And the great agricultural activity in the area, make it necessary to have good cargo vehicles in the area. And that is where if you need to transport tools, materials or anything, such as moving or bringing or carrying an appliance or piece of furniture that you have purchased, it is essential to have a good cargo van in Órgiva, and if it is also cheap, so much the better .

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What are the advantages of renting a cheap cargo van with Bahia Sexi?

Bahía Sexi is a company with extensive experience in passenger transport and rent a car, which this year celebrates 25 years. In addition to being one of the two best companies, certified by Tripadvisor, in the personalized treatment of its customers. And now this family business also offers this service in Órgiva, making its large fleet of cargo vehicles available to its customers.

Thanks to the large fleet of cargo vans, our clients can choose the one that best suits their specific needs. Because it offers from the smallest vans, ideal for transporting small boxes or any household appliance, with which you can easily enter any street no matter how narrow it is in Órgiva, such as the Mercedes Citan, with a capacity of 3 cubic meters.

Even the largest of up to three thousand five hundred kilograms of maximum authorized mass. Ideal for any transport on the mountain roads adjacent to Órgiva and that link all the towns of the Alpujarra de Granada.

But not only for the Alpujarra, since cargo vans are perfect for any size, whether to travel a medium or long distance.

Don’t be confused by our affordable prices, but if you have to move or relocate an office or office, renting a cargo van is the most comfortable option. Because hiring a moving company is always more expensive, and these tend to use trucks that cannot easily circulate on the roads of the Alpujarra, nor enter all the narrow streets of the Órgiva layout. You also have the possibility of doing it in your own vehicle, but you run the risk that the load will not fit well or of damaging both your vehicle and the object to be transported.

In addition, at Bahía Sexi we know that customer service is a priority and fundamental issue, so do not hesitate to ask us any questions and we will solve all your questions regarding the rental of cheap cargo vans in Órgiva.