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If you want the complete information about Manilva, you should read our post about Puerto de la Duquesa, where you can find all the secrets about this town and this port.

Surface Area: 35.30 square kilometres

Population: 13,258

Gentilicio: manilveños

Monuments: La Duquesa castle or Sabinillas fort, Santa Ana church, and the Chullera towers.

Geographical Location: it is the westernmost municipality on the Costa del Sol and therefore borders on the province of Cadiz.

It is 97 kilometres from the capital of Málaga and 35 from Gibraltar. The average annual rainfall in the area is 750 litres per square metre and the average temperature is 17º C.

It is advisable to visit the most outstanding monument for its historical and artistic value in this municipality which is the Castle of the Duchess or Fortín de Sabinillas, built on the site that must have occupied the aforementioned Roman villa.


From its location you can see a large area of the coast, which is why it was built there in 1767, to defend the area from continuous pirate raids.

The construction was carried out by a resident of Seville, Francisco Paulino, who was paid by the king to command a cavalry company.

The design and execution of the work was carried out by the engineer Miguel del Castillo.

Another monument to visit is the current church of Santa Ana, which was built in the 18th century on top of an earlier smaller temple from the late 16th century.

The present building dates from the middle of the 18th century.

The church is 36 meters long by 20 meters wide and has a height of meters and was renovated in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Chullera Towers belong to the type of construction intended for the surveillance of the coastal zone.

One is from the Nasrid period and the other is somewhat more modern.

Also get to know more about Casares

The town of Casares is situated between the Serranía de Ronda and the Costa del Sol, is one of the Andalusian villages located on the mountain.

The municipality stretches between the Costa del Sol, to which it belongs, the Serranía de Ronda and the Campo de Gibraltar, so the region has a variety of landscapes for having characteristics that make up each of these areas, although it has more characteristics of mountainous terrain.

Casares is a municipality that opens out onto the sea enjoying two kilometres of beach and forms part of the tourist offer of the towns on the Costa del Sol.

The municipality has urban characteristics of Arab origin, it has a great beauty and proof of this is that it has been declared a historical-artistic site since 1978.

Casares has an outstanding position that allows it to have unique natural spaces, whose orography is linked to the Serrania de Ronda.


In the municipality of Casares we find the Sierra Bermeja, a protected natural park, where you can see griffon vultures or the traditional green and beautiful Spanish firs of this ecological environment.

The Roman presence is demonstrated by the remains found in the Cortijo de Alechipe, which are believed to have belonged to the Roman city of Lacipo.

In the year 61 B.C., Julius Caesar was in Casares, being a praetor in Spain, and the tradition tells that in the sulphurous and alkaline-magnetic baths of the Hedionda and the Duke, he was cured of a hepatic condition he suffered.

But the present urban centre owes its origin to the Arab culture. At that time it was a walled town with two gates, one on Calle Villa, where some remains are kept, and the other on Calle Arrabal.

The Muslim mark remains in the village’s framework, with streets with an Arabic flavour such as Callejón del Rey, Calle Villa and the streets of Calle Arrabal, as well as in the toponymy: Benamorabe, La Alquería, Cerro del Moro or Almáchar.

For some historians, Casares derives from “Caxara”, a fortress in Arabic, while for others he derives it from the name “Caesar” (Caesar, political and military Roman leader).

The ruins of the fortress are still preserved from the Muslim period. Ruins belonging to an Arab castle dating from the 13th century and some remains of the ancient wall that surrounded the town are also preserved.


Take your cheap car hire in Manilva and go to eat the best food!

The gastronomy of Manilva is based on the varied Mediterranean diet, where olive oil is the main ingredient.

The typical dishes are made with local products such as grapes, raisins, goat cheese, honey, grapes, etc..

As it is a fishing area, like the surrounding villages, its culinary specialties are based on dishes whose main ingredient is fresh fish and shellfish.

Sea bream, red mullet, grouper and tuna, prepared in different ways, are the most common dishes in gastronomy, but the most popular are baked sardines.

Asparagus soups, tomato soups, clam soups and cuttlefish stews, spinach or chard pumpkin soups and octopus salmorejo are part of the gastronomy of the municipality.

The high quality of the Muscat wines produced in its land is also outstanding.

And… What about the food in Casares?

The cuisine of Casar is very rich and varied, and two types of gastronomy stand out, that of the mountains and that of the beach.

Its tasty stews are distinguished with’pringá’ and the broth stew with chickpeas, slaughter meat and bacon, a goat fry, blood sausage, gazpacho cacereño, highlight the Sierra Crestellina cheeses, made with goat’s milk in an artisan way and bread cooked in the wood-fired oven.

In the kitchen of the coastal area, the fried fish, the gazpacho, stands out. But the main course is the so-called sardine moruna.

In confectionery we can mention the fried cakes, or the famous homemade sponge cakes, which can be served with honey or chocolate.


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