Bahia Sexi shows you the best routes and beaches in Salobreña. In this way, you won’t miss anything and you will discover the authentic Salobreña.


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Do you know Salobreña?

Salobreña is a beautiful town in the Costa Tropical of Granada. It is between Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean coast. This special location is the cause of its wonderful weather, which has mild temperatures all year. Let’s discover each corner of this town with these routes and beaches in Salobreña.

 Let’s visit the best routes and beaches in Salobreña

Route around the old town

Salobreña´s old town is very picturesque because of its Arab and Andalusian mixture. Its narrow streets have white houses, which are decorated with flowers. And at the top there is the Arab castle. Let’s know our route:

  • The castle
  • The church “Nuestra Señora del Rosario”
  • Archaeological museum
  • Boveda medieval
  • “Paseo de las Flores”
  • “Paseo del gambullon”
  • Lookout and park “el Postigo”


Route through the attractions of the town center

  • Casa roja

This red palace belonged to the owner of the sugar factory, which is known by its tower on its facade. There is a fantastic garden where there is a concert in summer. 

  • Parque de la Fuente

There is a small lake where pigeons, peacocks and ducks live, as well as a playground for children. The best time to visit it is in summer when there are cultural events and you can rest in the terrace´s bars.

  • Salobreña’s Auditorium

It is a modern building where there are many cultural events and congresses.

  • Town hall

It is a modern and nice building, which is worth visiting. 

Route along the Salobreña´s beaches

  • “Punta del río” 

It is a very quiet beach which is to the East. It is about 1 km long, which has little stones by clear waters. This beach has a special wind, which allows surfing and kitesurfing.

  • “La Charca”

It is located in an urban area. So it is usually busy and cheerful with a family atmosphere. There are some services such as restaurants, supermarkets and diving schools.

  • Guardia beach

It is in a natural environment, which is perfect for people who look for a quiet beach with nautical services and sunbeds rental.

  • Caleton beach, “Pargo” beach and “Cambron” beach

These 3 similar beaches are hidden between cliffs and nature, which are also small and rocky and its water is crystal clear.

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In conclusion, Salobreña is a picturesque town, which you can explore with these fantastic routes and beaches in Salobreña. So book our car hire with Bahia Sexi to discover each corner.